The Five Inch Golf Course….The BEST Discovery You Have Made For Your Golf Game

Nail Your Big Scores And Get Your Handicap Down!
That is exactly what this website is all about. Bobby Jones the legendary US Golfer when asked about his views on Golf said “Golf is a game played on a five inch golf course”.

What he meant was that the game of golf was all in the mind rather than in the physique and technique of a player. Today all Pro’s have mental coaches or sports psychologists working for them.

Jones was way ahead of his time as a golfer and as a thinker about the game and it is no coincidence that his success as a player was considerable. The FIVE INCHES between your eyes DOES determine whether you have what it takes as a golfer whether a professional or an amateur golfer playing a few rounds with your buddies.

ALL golfers experience frustrations with their game which they find difficult on a consistent basis to get on top of and master. Our blog TheFiveInchGolfCourse is ready to help you like never before!