Drones Give A New View Of Golf Courses…This Is Fun!

This is a really neat way of showing golfer’s a course as well as building a historical record of a particular golf course using new technology.

Cameras mounted to drones are being used to shoot tee-to-green films of golf holes, which act as an online guides that give players a fresh perspective of the hazards they face.

Here’s a company who are making a very healthy living out of drone video’s of golf courses and these types of business enterprises are popping up all over the US and beyond. It’s a whole new perspective for the golfer to enjoy. We love it and it is pretty cool….


 CLICK HERE to see the drone in action!  and here’s an Australian  company showing you all the glory of the golfing drone showing this golf club in all its glory…

www.woollahragolfclub.com in Australia


Here’s a selection of Drones that we recommend if you feel like having some fun OR setting up your own golf course filming enterprise!

This one is within the low price range but will do EVERYTHING you need it too….including shoot video footage, no excuses for not knowing every inch of your local golf club now!

Low cost drone package

This one is at the top end of the market…the Rolls Royce of privately owned drones if you will….

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