Even Pro’s Get An 8 Shot Hole!…Dustin Johnson Shows Frustration At the Byron Nelson

Us amateur golfers do seem to take delight in a Pro golfer having a bad ‘day at the office’!

One it makes us feel a little bit better about our own golf failings and Two it proves that this great game is a great leveller whatever a player’s standard – Pro’s are the best of the best but it’s difficult not to feel a little schadenfreunde too.

Dustin Johnson at the AT&T Byron Nelson tournament hit his first tee shot out of bounds, re-loaded only to pull his third shot to the left – how many times have we all done that over compensating for a first out of bounds shot to the right?!!

Johnson’s ball landed in knee high rough and that is where the trouble really got BAD as you can see in this video…

Dustin eventually got down in 8! of course we would have just recorded a blob and just moved in simmering with a good session of ‘golf anger’ about what we had just done.

Pro’s have a remarkable ability to ‘shut out’ holes like this and there is a reason. They use their trained golf brain.

You Can do It too….

That is something that all of us amateur golfers need to think about otherwise we can say goodbye to playing better golf and achieving lower scores. A clear calm mind is THE key to being a better golfer and to not cursing on the tee and throwing those clubs of yours in disgust!

Ask any Pro or coach and they will tell you the same.

You don’t need to spend hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars to get better at golf all you need is a willingness to use what you already have in you and to realise that the distance between your ears is all that is stopping you from less blobs, shanked irons and wayward tee shots!

Golf the Ultimate Mind Game is the perfect start point to getting your mind straight for golf. Read this and you are on your way.

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