FEATURED DVD – Beat The Bogeyman – 10 Quick Tips..

Available at a really good price is this DVD from legendary golf mind guru Dr Travis Fox.

Beat The Bogeyman – 10 Quick Tips gets to the core of a golfer’s problems in double quick time. Dr Fox has a unique way of getting his message across that is used by Pro’s and amateur golfers alike.

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This is what a selection of buyers of this DVD had to say on Amazon.com :

By Jim Slakey  

This is a very well done and helpful golf tool. As always it requires the watching of the DVD and playing of the CD’s and a commitment to practice.

By J. Truc  

I’ve watched this DVD before my golf games and have improved my game. I would definitely recommend this product.

By Hunter
Unless you are a beginner, don’t waste your money! I thought the subject would be more specific to mental approaches of different shots players face, but it was nothing of that. The overall subject was general mental focus. My favorite topic was “Before you tee off, think a happy thought, maybe of your favorite color”. Seriously? Favorite color? What a joke!!! Don’t waste your money!
Awesome, I believe in power of my thoughts! I’m very grateful that this video was made, it sure helping me beat my negative thoughts not only in golf but in life 🙂
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