Golf The Mind Game is a book that gets right to the root of the mind’s importance in playing better golf. It is one of the best books available on the subject.

It is 210 pages long and written by Dr. Marlin Mackenzie. Totally suitable for golf game improvement whether you’re a world-class player or a weekend enthusiast or hacker! Improving your golf game begins with your mind.

You may be amazed to discover what actually happens when you free yourself from overthinking your shots and then letting your unconscious mind play the game. Acclaimed sports counsellor Dr. Marlin Mackenzie provides more than 30 situation-specific exercises to help you deepen your awareness of your emotional and intellectual barriers to playing better and more consistent golf.

You’ll learn to capitalize on your inner resources to finally play to your potential.  


5 Star Review By Bryan M Lundeen Published on
“Anyone interested in making thier golf game better should buy this book. Regardless of physical skill it teaches how to train your body by teaching your mind to focus more clearly, enjoy playing, and play more consistently. It uses NLP techniques and is one of the best books on NLP I’ve ever read. It has loads of visualisation excersises and strategies to elicit the perfect attitude more consistently and with more control. I am actually buying another copy!”
5 Star Review By SC MAC Published on
“Great book even if you don’t play golf. I bought it for my son and now I am enjoying it!”
5 Star Review By Bible guy Published on
“Fantastic! I’ve been playing golf since I was four. This book has definitely helped my game become more consistent. Get it.”
The Five Inch Golf Course dot Com gives ‘Golf The Mind Game’ a 5 Star PLUS review. One of the most significant Golf Psychology books on the market today.