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Wade Pearse from Canada is an extraordinary golf coach for golf psychology – the power of the mind in the game of golf. His latest course is called ‘Whole Mind Golf Coaching Program From The Golf Whisperer’ and it works!

He did it the hard way, wasn’t a naturally gifted golfer BUT discovered a way to train his mind to play much better golf than he had ever done previously. Lower scores and a lot more satisfaction with his game.

We thought you might like to find out some more so here are a few important points made by Wade on his website…do these solutions you want sound familiar?!!!

Wade promises you SUCCESS with your golf game….

You’ll drop strokes right away and you’ll hit your best shots more consistently than ever before

In this game transforming course you’ll also learn;

mental game imageHow to conquer first tee jitters and erase performance anxiety

mental game image3 keys to gaining a fine tuned mental focus, toughness and control

mental game imageDissolve anger and play with an amazing sense of inner joy

mental game imageMaster how to play under pressure as calmly as in casual rounds

mental game imageShoot the absolute lowest scores of your life.

If you golf competitively at all then you know the things that can happen before, during and after a golf tournament. Many players get so rattled and keyed up they can’t sleep

He has put together a short video and you can watch it now Click Here! for Wade’s ‘The Whole Mind’ Golf Psychology course including video and audio sections to really drill down into the problems with your mind and game and HOW to fix them.

Here’s Wade’s Website once again…just take a couple of minutes to find out more about how he can help you be the player that you want to be. You CAN do it!

“Yesterday we played a match play tournament and I applied some of your methods and it made a huge difference in my game. [… it made me feel so confident. Long story short, I eagled 9 so we took the team match. I was down 1 with 2 to go in individual match play and won 17 and 18 with clutch 5 foot par putts and won. Oh, and feel free to use these comments any way you want, this is by far the best money I’ve ever spent on my golf game. I look forward to doing some private sessions with you in the future.”

Rob Bartos
Southwick, MA

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