Rory To Use ‘Mental Tricks’ At the Masters?



According to Masters hot favourite Rory Mcilroy he used 2 MENTAL TRIGGERS in the final round of The Open…to win it!

David Mackenzie’s excellent ‘Golf State Of Mind’ mental golf training has an informative and very helpful set of emails after you sign up for his free book. They feature not only personal ‘mind golf’ training but also snippets from the circuit on how Pro’s use their own ‘Five Inch Golf Course’ in tournaments!

Noise and distractions are sometimes just as tough as the competition itself so players have to be mentally prepared, as should you be when you play with your buddies.

Anyway, one of David’s emails was about Rory and how he landed The Open following 2 specific mental triggers…and he decided on these before the round and reminded himself whenever he needed to. These were: A) “Process” (focus on the necessary steps before each shot) and B) “Spot” focusing on the spot he wanted the ball to roll over (6 inches in front of the ball) to keep his putts on line.

Giving yourself simple key things like this will help you remember what’s important for a good performance and David’s Golf State Of Mind training is top quality and you should read what he has to say by CLICKING HERE.

You can be sure that Rory Mcilroy at The Masters will be doing the same again, whether he wins or not remains to be seen.




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