Stop Snoring And Your Mind Helps You Play Better Golf….Here’s The PROOF

Never did we think we would be sharing with the Five Inch Golf Course Dot Com readers a set of new findings that have found a solid link between not snoring and playing better golf by using a refreshed mind.

But we have! We are not crazy read on…

Scientists have discovered that a treatment for heavy snorers – wearing a mask at night – can have a significant effect on playing better golf.

Have You ever Heard Of CPAP?

CPAP is a snoring therapy ‘Continuous Positive Airway Pressure’ that significantly reduces the causes and effects of heavy snoring. The study found that men who underwent snoring therapy significantly improves their golf game. and in particular driving and putting.

Around 30% of golfers also experienced a lowering of their handicap.

CPAP therapy made the men’s ‘golf brain’ benefit from much more uninterrupted sleep and quality sleep enabling golfers to concentrate more on their game as they were much more alert.

So, it appears that sleep apnoea (snoring ) can have a negative effect on playing golf. This is how it works…

It’s an Airway Muscle Problem….

In severe cases when sleep begins the airway muscles relax and drop down towards the tongue. A sleep apnoea sufferer can experience difficulties breathing of up to 10 seconds at a time.

Snoring happens as air vibrates against the soft tissue leading to the noise that we would recognise as a ‘snore’. The brain then signals to the airway muscles to relax and contract once it detects that breathing has stopped for a few seconds.

Consequently, the airway opens up and the snorer wakes up and suffers interrupted sleep.

Study Findings Once The Snoring Stopped…..

The golf improvement aspect of the study were VERY interesting.

Heavy snorers who wore a CPAP mask saw a drop in just over 11% in their handicap. Lower handicapper’s saw an improvement of 31% in their scores.

Professor Jim Horne of the University of Loughborough says that increased daytime alertness is probably the key to improved golf performance. The report was published by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine who concluded in their findings :

 ‘ Golf is a sport that requires a range of cognitive skills. Treatment for sleep apnoea with continuous positive airway pressure enhanced performance in golfer’s with the condition’

Using a CPAP therapy mask helped many golfer’s to play better and enjoy their game apart from the health benefits of not putting their bodies through strain as a result of snoring.

Think you don’t snore? Ask your partner…you may be surprised what you find out.

This what a CPAP mask looks like and it COULD be the key for you to get better golf scores with a clearer and more rested golf mind!

Who would of though that when someone asks ‘How Do I Play Better Golf’ the answer could quite possibly be to stop snoring.


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