Try ‘Unconscious’ Putting!

“The Pro Tours’ Hottest Coach” (Golf Digest) reveals the secrets that helped Phil Mickelson win the 2010 Masters and can utterly transform every player’s game.

When a resurgent Phil Mickelson won the Tour Championship in September 2009, he was quick to credit a series of simple putting lessons from veteran golf champion and instructor Dave Stockton.

As a top coach, Stockton has taught a long list of pro players-including Annika Sorenstam, Yani Tseng (winner of four LPGA tournaments), Adam Scott, Hunter Mahan, and Morgan Pressel (World Ladies Championship of Japan winner) the putting strategies that finessed their game.

It gave them a fantastic competitive edge because there was no fear over their putting game.


Unconscious Putting


Stockton’s breakthrough concept is that every player has their own Signature Stroke, which is unconscious.

Good putting comes from the mind, Stockton says, not from a series of stiff mechanical positions. With visualization, the right frame of mind, an efficient pre-putt routine, and connection to the individual internal stroke signature, any player can make far more putts.

Putting has always been taught as an offshoot to the full swing, when in reality it is far different- almost a different game. Unconscious Putting will help you get out of the rigid, mechanical, overthinking trap.

Pro’s to weekend golfer’s all benefit from this ground breaking book and help…

In Unconscious Putting, Stockton shows how players at every handicap level-from pros to weekend golfers-can putt effortlessly and with confidence by integrating a new mental approach with a few simple physical routines that will keep them locked on target.

Readers will also gain invaluable advice on reading greens and equipment. Illustrated throughout and filled with anecdotes about how Stockton’s lessons have helped today’s leading players,Unconscious Putting is a must-have golf book and a category classic-in-the-making.

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