Which Golfer Went From Word Number 3 to 371 And Turned To A Chimp for Help?

Whatever standard of golf you play you will know that a loss of form is a BIG thing for a golfer.

Why is it that we can play good rounds on our official handicap and then out of the blue like a bolt from the heavens our scores suddenly get a lot BIGGER!

Bad chips, missed putts, wayward drives all equal a poor round of golf. 

You may lose a few dollars to your buddies BUT it’s that nagging feeling of WHY DID IT HAPPEN? and WHY CAN’T I SEEM TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT? that frustrates the hell out of you!

Believe it or not multi-major winner Padraig Harrington did exactly the same thing. As a pro the fall from grace was spectacular – going from number 3 in the world to number 371 ! That’s what you call a spectacular plummet.

Padraig is now climbing the rankings again and he puts it down to the idea of a ‘quiet mind for golf’ which is one of the leading principles in any golf psychology or mind golf issue for any standard of player.

The Irishman turned to Dr Steve Peters a man who has worked across many sports on helping to solve sports psychology issues. From the Great Britain Olympic rowing team to Liverpool football club right the way through to the England national football team and now he is in the golf arena.

Steve Peters

Dr Peters has a unique way of improving concentration, application and getting results. His book is called “The Chimp Paradox” and it is well worth looking at.

For a few dollars it could start re -training your mind and attitude for golf , improving your scores and getting rid of frustration and anger because your mind is simply not trained to play consistent and by definition enjoyable golf.

Here’s his book AND on Amazon.com it currently has 70 4 and a half star reviews…

Use THE CHIMP to improve your golf mind!



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