Yoga For Golfers is ideal for relaxation and a perfect way of keeping your body supple and protected for playing golf. Yoga relaxes the body and the mind and to this end is a perfect companion for any golfer who wishes to improve and feel better about their game.
Jenny gave the book a 5 Star review saying:
“This book HELPED me to RELAX my mind both on and off the course.
” I used the yoga positions in the book to help me increase my flexibility and relax my mind. Does yoga increase flexibility? That’s a definite. The writing in the book is well-done and is simple to follow.
When I go to play golf I’m definitely more relaxed and more focused because of what I learned and practiced from this book.Yoga for Golfers: A Unique Mind-Body Approach to Golf Fitness is a must-buy for all golfers.Remember to practice the yoga positions because not only will you become more flexible, this also can contribute to having a peaceful mind both on and off the golf course”
Yogi-vet’s 5 Star review Published on said:
“I began teaching a yoga for golfers class at a golf-spa resort this summer. Even though I am an experienced teacher I felt I needed confirmation that the poses/sequences I offered were on par (pardon the pun). I looked at several ‘yoga for golfers’ books and decided this one would be good. This book is written by a person who grew up with golf and taught yoga at a spa resort herself for many, many years.
What was most useful to me were the sequences in back of the book. I would study and practice her sequences, modify them and use them in my class. It was great! The book talks quite a bit about golf and has some great quotes in it. For me this book was well worth the money. It has given me the boost I needed to feel confident teaching this specific group,golfers, yoga. And I’ve learned a bit about the game/sport too.”


Here at The Five Inch Golf Course dot Com we give ‘Yoga For Golfers’  a 4 Stars rating.