About US

Here at The Five Inch Golf Course we are committed to helping all of the worlds errant golfers..like US and YOU…we will help you enjoy the game a little more by sharing the knowledge that to improve your golf game you HAVE to learn to control your mind.

No negativity just controlled positivity. You know how difficult it is to move on from a truly bad shot and try to regain your composure. You get frustrated and angry !!


Your buddies will let you know it was a bad shot and they do that because they want to win. Making fun of you keeps your mind off your game and makes you make MORE MISTAKES. Pressure is not an easy thing to deal with with an untrained brain.

One of golfs greatest player’s Bobby Jones said that “Golf is a game played on a five inch course”

Bobby Jones

He meant that it’s in your brain and mind that the correct and bad decisions are made. Habits and frustration are formed!

Imagine if you had the ability to retrain your brain in a fun way that was easy to understand so that you could knock shots off your scores regularly .

Like anything that has a POSITIVE effect it does take a little time and quite a bit of knowledge to get you out of the bad mental and physical habits on the golf course.

You can do it and it’s OUR MISSION and undertaking to help you, that is what thefiveinchgolfcourse.com is all about.

We got pissed at constantly playing inconsistent/ often shambolic golf so decided to learn HOW to change it. Our scores are better, our consistency is good and we now have a whole bunch of new golf guru friends from all over the world eager to share their knowledge and help with you.

There is SO much help, information and inspiration on this website to help get you playing ‘consistent and happy golf’, take a look, bookmark us and please keep coming back!

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