One of the great golf psychology books around by Rick Sessinghaus… It’s available as a Kindle version too for tablets, phones and E readers.


Here’s the reviews via Amazon – check them out before you buy.

Robert’s 5 Star review he says : 

“I have several ‘head’ books for golf. This one is the best well written and contains many super logical and practical ideas and plans for strategically developing a better golf game. Again it’s not about hoe to swing but how to recognize where and how to improve in all areas of game management and scoring.

Motivation,goal setting and focus are three of my favorite chapters. I have found that any of these chapters are like a complete book in themselves and would be worth the buy on their own merit”.

Jefferey’s 5 Star review says : 

Great reading for your mental strength on the golf course. This book explains how to prepair yourself before the round, and what to do during the the round. It helps you to understand how to get into the zone and then stay there. This book puts fun back into golf, so that you can truly enjoy game.”

Chalvis R Evans 5 Star review says : 

“This book is exactly what you need instead of a new driver! I improved by 7 shots after implementing the principles of this book. Easy read. Hit ’em straight and long”.

The Five Inch Golf Course dot Com agrees with these reviewers. ‘Golf The Ultimate Mind Game’ is worth 5 of OUR Stars anyday.

In our opinion pretty much the PERFECT Golf psychology book for players of ALL standards,

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