Golf Fitness

Whatever standard of player you are making sure you are fit to play is a sensible thing to do.

How many times have seen golfer’s go ‘cold’ on to the tee and swing at the ball only to yelp in pain after injuring a part of their body.Usually a back muscle.

Warm up’s are a must. Stretch, swing SLOWLY with a club almost in a slow motion style to loosen up your golfing body. Common sense yes BUT so many people do not do it.

Once you pick up an injury they can become stubborn and troublesome.

One thing is for sure unless your mind and body are in harmony you are not going to shoot the scores that you want or expect. So, take time to physically and mentally warm up before a round of golf.

We have a few video’s for you to watch that WILL help you put these exercises into a pre- round routine and help you physically be ready for the game ahead.

Try them…they work!

First up…

3 Easy Stretches Before You Play..

From GOLF.COM this neat little video where Pro Scott Munroe explains 3 SIMPLE and EASY STRETCHES that you should do before hitting your first tee shot.

They should become part of your routine and Scott shows you how simple they are to do. Remember a body ready for golf will compliment a mind ready for golf to help you relax and shoot better scores. It will take you 2 minutes to do!



The TOP 3 Performance Improvement Golf Exercises….




The BEST Exercises for Golf…..


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