Author of the book John Weir is founder of the Mental Golf Academy in Orlando, creator of the Mental Caddie, and performance coach to collegiate and professional golfers worldwide. There are ongoing breakthroughs in the mental golf game, and, John Weir stands at the forefront of discovery.

5 Star Review By C. Mark Muller

The GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS is a must read for any level golfer. We have all heard that we could lower our scores if we had a better grip on the mental part of our game.
Saying it has always been easier than actually doing it though. What John has done is to actually give us the tools that we need to achieve that goal of complete mental fitness. I bought this book for my son but I can’t put it down long enough for him to read it
5 Star Review By George Bris
Such a fantastic and educating book which shows the importance of the mind and our mental attitude in golf.
John shares his secrets to help us achieve our goals on the course and have a lot more fun!
Applying what John talks about helped me shoot lower scores and enjoy every minute out on the golf course
‘The Golfer’s Guide to Mental Fitness’ gets a review score of 4 Stars from The Five Inch Golf course dot Com