‘Mind Golf DVD’s’

When it comes to ‘mind golf ‘ and ‘golf psychology’ products that are available today well there are tons of them. Some are total crap and some are SO good with the easy to follow path to the results that you desire that you cannot ignore them. We have reviews and recommendations for Mind Golf books and this section of The Five Inch Golf Course website is specifically aimed at the visual aids that are on the market.

Ok what are the best ones right now?

These golf psychology DVD’s ROCK , they are tried and tested, put together in easy to view and understand formats and as you will see have every aspect of golf psychology for your golf game right at the press of your DVD player at home. From driving to putting they have your whole game on the golf course covered for a fraction of the cost of a series of golf lessons. Check out this little lot to really start turbo charging your golf game….

Beat The Bogey Man #1- Dr Travis Fox


As seen on PBS, Dr. Travis Fox’s award winning program . As the official ‘head coach’ on ESPN, XM Radio and PBS, he is endorsed by both the U.S. Pro Golf Tour and touring PGA Professionals. “Believe me when I say it worked for me and it will work for you!” Bob Casper, Co-Host Real Golf Radio.

“After using the Bogey Man method I have become a better player and have more confidence than ever!”Dana Londin, PGA Professional

Mind Mastery For Golf   

Golfers will spend hours on the driving range and putting greens practicing for their upcoming rounds, but what do they do to insure that they are mentally prepared to play their best?

Created by the author of “Mastering The Mental Side of Tournament Golf” Mind Mastery For Golf is a extraordinary tour tested mental peak performance program designed specifically to help you minimize and/or eliminate those uncharacteristic mental errors so you play your best during your rounds. It’s been used successfully on the PGA, LPGA, Nationwide, European and Asian Tours as well as numerous colleges and universities.

This remarkable program is great for professional as well as recreational players at any age or skill level.

The Mind Mastery For Golf program is intended to help you better prepare for your rounds by focusing on the mental part of your game. It will allow you to understand why you may not be performing up to your true potential and help you remove the mental obstacles preventing you from shooting lower scores during your rounds.

The program includes the DVD called ‘ Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life’. It will explain your Mind and the hemispheres of your brain and how they influence everything you do on the golf course. It will also teach you a very simple – easy to learn process the will help you program you mind for success so you can play your best whether playing in tournaments or recreationally.

You will also receive a copy of a 3 disc powerful audio program called  ‘Mind Mastery For Golf’ with two 30 minute tracks. Winning At Tournament Golf (for lower handicap and tournament players) and Improving Your Golf Game (for recreational players).

Imagine an onion. At its center is your potential to become a premier player. Repeated listening to this remarkable CD will allow you to neutralize your old limiting beliefs and behavior patterns so that you get the most out of your golf game.

Golf Mind – Unlocking the REAL Game 

This is a great DVD.

It features Academy Fellow Deepak Chopra, Famed golf course designer Robert Trent Jones Jr, Golf Pro & TV Commentator Tina Mickelson, Dr. Joe Parent (Zen Golf), Fred Shoemaker (Extraordinary Golf), Head Coach & Author.

Explore the mental side of golf, unleash its transformative power and learn how to be fully present in the game with this informative program that urges detachment from outcomes as a means to inspire you, your game and your life.

Filmed at the World Business Academy, let the Pros help you find your best game!

Most of the mistakes and anguish, in a round of golf start with a lack of real awareness. This program teaches how to turn off the noise and be truly present on the golf course. Together with practical tips to improve shotmaking, this program will help shave off your score and put more fun in your round.

Deepak Chopra writes extensively on numerous topics, particularly the relationships between spirituality, science & everyday living. He is passionate about golf and developed an approach any golfer can follow. The results can be measured not only in increased enjoyment and skill, but in greater wisdom about life beyond the 18th hole.

Golf Mind LINK with Hypnosis 

Imaginethe Benefits of Hypnosis in Your Life. Achieve Your Goals. Fulfill Your Dreams!

How can you get that extra edge you need to succeed? Our famed hypnosis products allow you to get the advantage corporate executives, top athletes and our other successful customers are using to become the best they can be.

“Our Hypnosis Products Are the Best!” Completely safe, controlled and powerfully effective, these hypnotic processes are carefully designed by world renown Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, James E. Smith.

The elite Navy SEAL Teams use Mr. Smith’s expertise, shouldn’t you? Mr. Smith is an expert commentator on mind sciences for CNN and the NBC television network. He is the owner and director of the Hypnosis Training Institute of San Diego.

Start Changing Your Golf game Today! Get results fast! Overcome your personal frustrations and inability to shoot consistently lower scores. Achieve success.

Feel empowered to handle any situation on the golf course from now on!  Our product gives you the maximum results in the shortest time by combining state-of-the-art technology with powerful hypnotic techniques. “Double Voice Sessions” overload the conscious mind to make lasting impressions on the subconscious mind, where all of your unwanted behaviors reside.

Isn’t that where you want to make the change? To start performing on the golf course as you know you can?! “Holophonic TM” sound stimulates both hemispheres of the brain for instant integration of your new behaviours and ways of thinking.

Our products don’t control you?…..You Take Control Over Your Own Mind!!!


 Target Oriented Golf -Training The Eyes,Mind & Body For Success 

An Evolution in Golf Instruction

Target Oriented Golf: Training the Eyes, Mind, and Body for Success shows you how to develop all the skills necessary to play the golf you’ve always dreamed of, simply, quickly, and consistently.

It is based on the scientific principles from such disciplines as Bio-mechanics, Motor learning, Sport Psychology, Sports Vision, Applied Kinesiology, and more.

You will learn how to:
• Develop precision in your swing mechanics and understand HOW to
repeat if over and over
• Learn how to both Train and Trust your technical skills with deliberate
practice on the range
• Develop “quiet eyes” to eliminate eye movements that compromise
solid ball striking
• Inhibit the effects of stress and anxiety so you perform as well in
competition as in practice
• Develop the same precision, consistency, and accuracy for putting,
chipping, and pitching
• Discover why Attentional Focus lies at the heart of both how you learn
and perform in golf.


Golf Hypnosis by Victoria Gallagher   

Almost every PGA player or pro teacher will tell you that golf is 95-99% MENTAL.

The more you practice your mental game, the better you will get. The first session, Enjoying Golf is about helping you to keep a relaxed and happy attitude while out on the course. Your attitude is very much responsible for how well you play. If you are feeling tense and anxious and negative when you are playing, which is a very easy thing to have happen when playing golf, it is going to affect your game negatively.

When you are able to let go of your cares and worries and focus more on the spirit of the game and enjoying yourself, it is simply going to have a positive effect on how you play, and ultimately your score.

The second session, Eliminate Negative Beliefs is a technique to help you to resolve any conflicting beliefs that you have about yourself, so that you can enjoy feeling confident in your ability and create the feeling of truly being a winner and that you do deserve to win.

In the third session, Powerful Anchor Routine you will create what is known in NLP training as an anchor. You are going to get yourself into a very positive and powerful state at very specific points out on the golf course. Then, you will create an anchor, which allows you to call up those powerful states at will, just by using your anchor.

The fourth session, Winners Circle of Excellence is going to help you to establish all the positive behaviors that you need in order to be an excellent golfer. In this session you will improve many skills such as your posture, your focus, your determination and your ability to concentrate.