Survey : Improve Your Golf Game By Listening to JAZZ!

JazzListening to jazz can improve your golf game, scientists have discovered. Let’s face it you should use every trick in the book to get better golf scores…it’s a hard enough game as it is. This is quite an interesting survey.

Researchers found listening to music helped to improve putting accuracy – and some genres are more effective than others.

In tests of top university golfers, jazz music was found to enhance their putting skills far more than classical, country, rock and hip-hop music

When male players listened to jazz, they were on average 17 per cent more accurate than when listening to hip-hop, while female players got 10 per cent more putts on target.

Rock music produced the lowest accuracy for some of the players, bringing almost no benefit to their accuracy compared to having no music at all.

Previous research has shown different types of music improve different activities – country music improves batting skills in baseball, while rap can improve basketball skills. It is thought the music helps players to concentrate while also providing a tempo for them to perform under.

Dr Timothy Baghurst, an assistant professor of physical education at Oklahoma State University, who led the latest study on golf, said: ‘With the exception of rock music, participants performed significantly better in all musical trials compared to a no music condition.

‘In general music is used as a secondary accompaniment to enhance a more important concurrent activity.

‘Why jazz elicits performances above other genres cannot be clearly explained, but does provide an opportunity to speculate. Listening to jazz may encourage greater improvisation from the listener.

‘Participants in the study may have better observed the grain and slope of the green and were more open to creativity in the putt.’

Each golfer was given ten putts to warm up before they were then asked to take 20 shots from different positions around the same green, listening to different music at random.

The researchers found that on average male golfers got 17 of their shots in the hole when listening to jazz music while they got around 14 when listening to hip hop.

The women got nearly 16 of their shots in the hole when listening to jazz and 14 when listening to rock music.

Dr Baghurst said: ‘Players and coaches need to consider whether the use of music during practice would be beneficial.

‘Although not permitted during most competition, improving practice outcomes through the use of music may better translate to improved competition putting, which is a vital component of success in golf.’

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